Sanchez, Tebow both confident Jets’ offense will improve

The Jets’ offense has looked nothing short of terrible this preseason, but that doesn’t have the Jets’ quarterbacks feeling down. Both Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow told reporters today that they actually feel good about where the Jets’ offense is headed, and that they’ve demonstrated they can play well on the practice field, even if…

Tim Tebow admits frustration, Giants say they could see it

Jets quarterback Tim Tebow struggled on Saturday night, as did the entire offense in a 26-3 loss to the Giants. And the Giants said after the game that they could see Tebow was getting frustrated — which Tebow acknowledged. “I was probably just frustrated because we want to get on the same [page] and have [...]

Giants defensive tackle: Tim Tebow was very frustrated with the Jets offensive line


According to New York Giants defensive tackle Carlton Powell, Jets quarterback Tim Tebow looked very frustrated with his offensive line for their horrific play in Saturday night’s preseason loss to the Giants.

“Obviously, we were getting after him a little bit,” said Powell, via The Star-Ledger. “And I guess they weren’t holding up their protection so some mistakes were being made so I saw him getting mad so I said a little something to him. He kind of looked at me like he wanted to say something, but he didn’t really say nothing though.”

“The frustration was written all over him,” said Powell. “He was already upset so it didn’t take that much.”

Reminder: Tim Tebow still can’t throw; underthrows wide open receiver in end zone

(AP Photo: Bill Kostroun via

There were several lowlights for the New York Jets in their ugly 26-3 pre-season loss to the Giants tonight. Mark Sanchez’ general confusion and lack of production as the starting quarterback, or Wayne Hunter‘s impression of a turnstile in giving up 4 sacks are certainly at the top of the list for Rex Ryan and company.

But there was one play by Tim Tebow that epitomized one of the harsh realities Jets fans are going to have to come to terms with sooner or later: the guy just can’t throw the ball. For all the larger-than-life golden boy persona and nonstop ESPN coverage, Tebow has never had – nor will he ever have – an NFL-caliber throwing arm. He can make all sorts of things happen on the field with his legs, leadership, and even short-to-intermediate passes to (wide open) receivers … but you’ll never be able to count on him to make that difficult pinpoint throw in the clutch.

Starting the second half of tonight’s contest for the Jets, Tebow led his team into Giants territory on their best drive of the night, including several pass completions and one first down run. But facing 2nd and 20 from the 29-yard-line, Tebow had rookie WR Stephen Hill all alone in the end zone, thanks to a busted coverage by the Giants secondary. As he drifted to his right, Tebow never set his feet and uncorked a duck that landed well short of its intended target, bouncing harmlessly to the turf.

The Jets would end up settling for a field goal, and the Giants put the game away from that point forward. Granted, this is pre-season, so the result doesn’t really matter. But we’re talking about a throw that any professional quarterback needs to make. And its indicative of the type of play the Jets can expect to see out of Tebow … at least for 3-and-a-half quarters until Jesus takes over, that is.

You can find less-than-HD video of the play HERE, courtesy of @JimmyTraina of’s HotClicks … and coincidentally, The Onion posted a spot-on satire piece yesterday, titled “Ground emerges as Tim Tebow’s favorite target”:

“He just loves throwing it right to the ground,” Mangold added. “It doesn’t matter if the defense comes out in man coverage or an overload blitz. Tebow seems to know exactly where the ground will be and hits the wide-open turf every time.”


Sanchez, Tebow both struggle in loss to Giants

Mark Sanchez didn’t do anything against the Giants on Saturday night to deserve to keep his job as the Jets’ starting quarterback. But Tim Tebow didn’t do anything to deserve to take the job from Sanchez. Both Sanchez and Tebow struggled, and the Jets’ offense could get nothing going all night, as the Giants won [...]

Santonio morphs into a mentor

With all the chatter regarding Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez, it’s easy to forget that the player who could do the most harm to the Jets this year is Santonio Holmes. Chronically unhappy with his role last season, Holmes became more and more of a problem as the season unfolded, culminating in Week 17 ugliness [...]

Tim Tebow tries to recruit Jeff Demps to the Jets

With the Jets attempting to sign former Florida running back turned Olympic sprinter Jeff Demps, they’ve enlisted Tim Tebow to help. Tebow, who played with Demps for two years at Florida, said the Jets’ personnel department picked his brain about Demps. “Yeah, they asked me about him,” Tebow said, in comments distributed by the team.…

New York radio host blasts Tim Tebow for GQ photos

Radio host Craig Carton from the Boomer and Carton show on 660 WFAN in New York has ripped Jets quarterback Tim Tebow for posing for GQ magazine back when he was at the University of Florida.

“Tim Tebow is posing as Jesus, but not any kind of Jesus. He is posing as ‘Sexy Jesus.’ Now, I’m not a very religious guy, but I do know the tenets of religion and I know what Jesus stood for and I know that many people that believe in that stuff, right, and live their life by that code take that very seriously… But I can tell you that hardcore, conservative, religious people that believe in Jesus and fear God… When you see a guy, who clearly thinks he is Jesus — he is posing as Jesus, legs crossed, arms out, like he’s on the freaking cross, and he’s got tight junk pants on showing off his big junk with no shirt on — and he’s posing as Sexy Jesus, he is a fraud,” said Carton.

I’m not sure I agree with Carton, but I do understand how Tebow looks like a hypocrite for posing with his shirt off and then claiming that he’s living a pure life.

At the end of the day, people love ripping Tebow because of his religious views.

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